From one of our early exhibits at a Mornington market we were asked about our chunky knitted bed heads.
The challenge is always big with these due to the amounts of cotton fabric needed and the sheer weight created from often a huge roll of cotton.
So when asked for a commissioned king size bed head, for a wall attachment, we I have to say, spend many a day scratching our heads and phone conversations exploring ideas. The weight of the knitting can distort the stitches quite dramatically and also we needed something to hold the knitting flush to the wall.
We opted for a bespoke made wire frame and literally sewed the stitches to the frame, creating a tidy edge and well supported rows of knitting.
Our lovely client was very kind and super patient with us, for which we are very grateful.
We think she has styled her room beautifully and really explored the ideas of having a BIG knitting centre piece. Well done!

Knitted Bed Head Knitted Bed Head Knitted Bed Head Knitted Bed Head