Baskets and Vessels

Our baskets and vessels are created and crafted from a range of natural fibre ropes and twines, knitted by us on our own tools and each basket is unique and individual. We predominantly knit with Hemp, Hempex (a synthetic rope with the look and feel of real hemp), Sisal, Jute, Manila, Wool rope, cotton and Flax (Linen). Our baskets can be crafted to all sizes and shapes and can be finished with different trims and handles to suit your particular design and requirements. We currently use felted wool, slate, wood and leather to finish the designs. We pay particular attention to the finishes of our vessels to create pieces that will be durable and functional. We use only the best quality materials for which the availability is sometimes tricky, this keeps our designs fresh. You will see designs leaving and entering our shop frequently which reflects this, however, if you see in our gallery a particular style, we will do our best to create it for you. Keep an eye on our shop for new designs!

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