100% Cotton Ribbing


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The very same Cotton we use for our knitted designs available for your creations. We can help with links to youtube clips if you are unsure how to cut this tubular fabric to make your own continuous yarn or plan a workshop with us and we will show you how. When we first started Big knitting we searched long and hard to discover a quality Australian fabric that was in tubular form so we could create a whole ottoman for example, without a single join. Especially with our baskets and early creations we wanted a clean look. We found a cotton with some spandex in that when cut curls to form a lovely yarn for knitting with. The beauty of cutting your own yarn is that the cuts can be any width so you make the knit ‘look’ to suit your creations and inspirations. This also helped with our needle range development in our early days! Australian Cotton Manufacturers are a struggling Industry and we are proud to support the ones who are left. Plus, they have some great colours for all sorts of designs and changing trends. 100% Cotton between 150 and 180 gsm. 150 -167 cm wide/ tubular. Available in 5 and 10 m lengths. 5 m @$55 10m @$100 ( postage) We have limited stock and we are unlikely to repeat these offers. Check back soon for the colours available.

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Weight 4000 kg

Red, Candy Pink, Latte, Silver, Baby Blue, Ecru, Mocha