Workshop Product – 2 Kilo Pure Wool Knitted Sofa Throw NON KIT


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It is better for this workshop that you have the good knitting skills in order to finish the throw using our needles, if you bring your own we can show you all the methods you will need to finish your throw in your own time. However, it is still an easy knit project.

Using 2 kilos of ready felted pure wool, knit in seed stitch or plain knit stitch a beautiful soft throw for your sofa or bed. Bring your own needles or use ours and finish in 3.5 hours. Knit your woolly creation and learn the best cast on and cast off method and how to felt the ends in and other helpful tips when knitting with bigger needles and thick wool.

All materials are supplied. Duration: 3.5 hours.

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1st Colour Choice

Linen Fleck




Gasworks, Melbourne


Sunday 25th February 2018


10 am