After participating in a variety of markets in Victoria and asked whether we do ‘workshops’ we answered YES. So over the past few months we have offered a variety of workshops. The venue has been the Garden Studio at the Gas Works, South Melbourne. On a few occasions we have been blessed with warm, sunny weather and opened the large doors allowing the sun to enter into the room as well as a few dogs, which have strayed from their owners and we have encountered a few raised eyebrows from their owners when they have collected their dogs!!

Workshop Studio

In organizing these events we are continually reassured that it isn’t only us- WE ARE ALL SO BUSY!!!….however, it is very important to take time out of your normal schedule to do something you love….. CREATE!
So far our guests have created; wool nests, cotton baskets, sisal onion baskets and manila doorstops!
Over the past four years we have knitted hundreds of vessels and garments, using many different rope and fibres, many designs not surviving, as we try to ‘get it right’. For us it is so satisfying to impart our knowledge, our victories and our learnt techniques to harness the fibres we use, to satisfy our creative desires.
Our workshops have been greatly received and a Big Thank you to all who have come from near and far. WE always leave the workshop on a ‘high’ having spent an afternoon or morning with enthusiastic and creative people.

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The participants constantly amaze us with their finished vessels. Some people have never knitted before while others are veterans, taking on the challenge of working with big needles and thick fibres. All have been triumphant!
We will continue with the workshops in the coming months if you are interested in coming along let us know.
Until next time, keep knitting and creating.
Wic & Folk