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Where did the name Wic and Folk come from?….What does
it mean?
Name meanings: Wic:
 from the county of Warwickshire in England – the name meaning place or abode.  Also has the Celtic meaning of to twist and knot.
Folk: from the county of Suffolk in England – The folk / people from the South.
Hence designs for people and places.

Can we send products?
Yes we can.  We will need your postcode to work out postage costs. Some of our products are quite large and heavy.  Melbourne and some country Victoria collection points can also be organised for very large items.  You can also order products to be picked up from our Market days or Workshop days.

Rope and fibre types
Hemp: 100% Natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. A high quality raw material rope with a gentle beige colour, very strong, soft to touch and knots well. Fire retardant and perfect for indoor use.
Hempex: A spun polypropylene which has the same look and feel as real hemp but is synthetic and therefore better able to adapt to outdoor conditions. It has good UV resistance and a classic look.
Sisal: A high quality raw material rope extracted from the agave plant. It has a white quality and is rough to touch. Sisal is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and is fire retardant.
Manila: A natural product, a high quality raw material rope with a golden appearance and is rough to touch. Manila is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and is fire retardant.
Jute: A long, strong and soft vegetable fibre that is spun into coarse threads. An off-white to golden colour and is used to make burlap, hessian or gummy cloth.
Cotton: Cotton rope is softer to touch than hemp, and is a natural (unbleached) white colour. A high quality raw material, biodegradable and is fire retardant.
Synthetic rope: We use the best suppliers to access high quality synthetic raw material ropes. The composition of the molecules, the combination of the types of yarn and the production technique applied determine the rope quality. Our ropes are polypropylene, nylon and polyester. They can come in many diameters and colours and knot well, most are UV resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Care of fibre products: Our rope products are very durable and functional. If markings do occur simply spot clean off with a mild detergent. Changes in temperature will change the qualities of the rope; you may find it feeling stiffer in the cold for example. Try not to get our rope products wet and then bring into a warm environment to rest, if they are wet, dry as quickly as possible to avoid mildew as they are natural fibres. Use the rope as indicated on the label.

Care of cotton products – We do have a colour protection service to stave off any colour fading but with all natural materials if left in direct sunlight some fading will occur. Our Cotton is 100% cotton and as such should either be spot cleaned or wash as your favourite T-shirt a gentle, machine wash and line dry. We use an Australian Manufacturer for our cotton and the quality and colour range is excellent.

Care of wool products: If necessary cold wool washes or spot clean and a wool detergent. Some gentle tidy up of fibres may also be required.

Other fabrics used: Linens, cottons, hemp and blends of these. We are always looking for new fibres to experiment with so please do not hesitate to suggest something if you have an idea!

The organic choice: We can endeavour to source organic fibres if required and where possible, some of our products already are and we are very conscious of this.

Care of timber tools: We recommend light sand after heavy use and re-oiling with a timber oil which is polished off. Or rub with a natural candle and buff. Our tools are all handmade therefore some variations may occur in their appearance. We use oils that are safe for kitchen items and around kids.

Sizes of tools: We have a large range of sizes and lengths of needles in our handmade tools. We can often make to your requirement. The sizes are in mm unless otherwise stated. Please be patient with our stock, they are time consuming to make unique for you, we do not keep a big range in stock and our wood turner is often on international duty!

Stock Levels: Due to the ever changing challenge of obtaining the quality fibres we use, some from overseas, some patience may be required with product ordering and re-stocking, we hope they are worth the wait!

Workshops: These will be advertised as programmed. We hope to do a range of workshops to cover such things as; making your own yarns, basket making in rope and cottons, experimenting with BIG knitting and your personal product choice making.

Bedheads: These are made in sizes single to King and can be free standing or attached to the wall. They can be quite heavy due to the sheer amount of fabric knitted into them so we have a special system for wall attachment which we ask you to use. Again, freight can be accommodated. Colour choice is from our range as advertised and we can accommodate your own style and single or multi colour choices. Time frames for these will vary as we do not stock all the colours all of the time but they are readily available from our supplier.

Deposit: For commissioned products and designs we will require a deposit.  

Wholesale: We welcome wholesale enquiries for a range of our products; please use the contact form for this.

Shop displays: Our products are very visual and attract attention inviting a touch so they are ideally suited to shop displays and for use in displaying saleable products.

Photographers: Our products are great for styled shots. Please enquire for use of products to help make your images amazing. We relish a challenge here!

Payment options: At this stage we prefer bank transfers.


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